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About Us

An Independent General Agency focused on You and Your Clients

We are an independent General Agency located in Venice, Florida serving agents and advisors across the US. John Costa, our General Agent, has seen the business from all sides in his 34 plus years of industry experience; as an insurance and securities producer, as a regional VP for several larger life and annuity companies, and now as the owner of ASA, an independent general agency. John is a member of the Kansas City Life Century Club for General Agents. Also, he is a member of the Financial Services Institute and NAIFA (the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors) where he has participated in a leadership role as a Past President, National Committee person and Local Association Board Member.

As a General Agency we offer life insurance, annuities, long term care, disability insurance, and group benefits products, and we provide access to the top insurance carriers for these products. We also offer agents who are securities licensed an opportunity to register with Securities America, Inc.* 


*Securities offered through Securities America, Inc.,


12325 Port Grace Blvd

La Vista, NE 68128

(402) 399-9111

(800) 747-6111

Agent Services of America, Inc. is not affiliated with Securities America, Inc.

John Costa
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