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Lifetime Income

Are your clients’ assets on path to match their future needs?

Covering expenses and balancing the household budget is just as important in retirement as during your clients’ careers. With today’s uncertain economy and financial risks, the reliability of income is now a higher priority than ever, and it has become known as "The New ROI".

Planning strategies with products that can provide reliable or guaranteed income that your clients cannot outlive help clients in important ways and can really grow your business. The planning process should also address social security benefits, any retirement plan assets, and it should include considerations of different taxation effects of receiving or deferring their income from different sources they may have to choose from. As their agent or advisor, you can really step in and deliver great value by keeping clients from making mistakes that could be very costly to them, their estates, and possibly their families. We offer our agents the resources, tools, and products to make all this happen with a better outcome, simplifying the process, saving time, and helping you win more business in the process. For more information contact us and request information on Lifetime Income Planning, Social Security Benefit Planning and Retirement Plan Distribution Planning.

Here is a solution from Kansas City Life that can help with this process called Lifetime Income Rider.
Lifetime Income
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