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  • Return of Premium Life Insurance
  • Whole Life Insurance
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  • Juvenile Life Insurance
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  • Indexed Universal Life Insurance
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Product Driven Sales Ideas

  • Mortgage Acceleration
  • Income Now, Income Later, Income for Life
  • The Enhanced Benefits of The New Generation of Life Insurance
  • Life Insurance That Rewards You For Living
  • The Life Insurance Family Plan
  • Comprehensive Planning for The Risk of Long Term Care Expenses
  • Life Insurance as an Income Source

Featured Product / Concept

Survivor Income Life Insurance that Rewards Your Client for Living with a Guaranteed Return of Premium


Studies and surveys of working age families who lost the bread winner to death during working years have shown that more often than not life insurance death benefit proceeds are spent and gone within 2 to 3 years of death while the survivor’s need remain.


Also so many clients buy lowest cost term life insurance and then after the 10, 20 or 30 year term period have nothing to show for all the premium payments they made.


On both counts the solution can be Survivor Income Life Insurance that Rewards Your Client for Living with a Guaranteed Return of Premium.  Adding a no cost policy endorsement available from our primary company allows the owner of the policy to set all or any part of the life insurance death benefit to pay out over time:


  • Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually or Annual
  • Over as short as 5 years or as long as 30 years
  • Can be changed, added or removed while the insured is living
  • Becomes irrevocable at death giving the policy owner complete control
  • No additional cost
  • Death benefit earns interest while waiting to be paid out, increasing the actual death benefit payout


Add this endorsement to 20 year or 30 year Endowment Life offered by our primary life company and you have Survivor Income Life Insurance that Rewards Your Client for Living with a Guaranteed Return of Premium.


We have found this concept with this product is truly unique in its exact form and sets up a sales scenario based on your clients’ actual needs not just price alone.


For detailed the Survivor Income Life concept and products please click here or send an e-mail: jcosta@agentsvs.com with “Information Please on Survivor Income Life” in the subject or contact John Costa, General Agent by phone at (877) 739-1172 or (941) 312-2002.


Save time and effort at the point of sale and allow a well trained professional telephone interviewer collect all of the detailed information required with life insurance applications.  Our experience is now and has consistently be great with our Tele-App system offered with our primary company relationship.  Our agents using the Tele-App for their life insurance sale find it preferable to full long form applications, online e-apps and IGO Apps.  Tele-Apps are be more client friendly too based on the feedback we consistently receive from our agents and their clients.

 As easy a 1, 2, 3:

  1. Complete the Tele-App Order form and submit to our office
  2. Advise your client that they will receive two phone calls, one for the tele-app phone interview, and one call from the nurse to schedule their tele-app exam (abbreviated), which is required for most applications.
  3. We will do all the new business follow-up and update you on the status of your case.

Tele-Apps and forms do vary by state so always contact our office to be sure you have the correct and up to date forms.

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