Partnering for Success

Sales Support

Agent Services of America proudly offers our agent and advisor partners personalized pre-sale support and services.

General Underwriting Services:

Click here for Pre-Sale Underwriting Assessment Form if you have any question about how life insurance, long term care insurance or disability insurance underwriters may view you client.


Life Insurance Product Services:

Click here for Pre-Sale Life Insurance Product Support Form.


Annuity Product Services:

Click here for Pre-Sale Annuity Product Support Form.


Long Term Care Insurance Product Services:

Click here for Pre-Sale Long Term Care Insurance Form.


Disability Income Insurance Product Services:

Click here for Pre-Sale Disability Income Insurance Form.

Services and Resources

  • Website for agents to use with their clients: www.agentsgroup.com
  • Agent Training
  • Product Knowledge Webinars
  • Field Training Workshops
  • New Agent Orientation and Onboarding
  • Basic Sales Support
  • Point-of-Sale Support
  • Website Tools and Resources for Agents
  • Personalized Marketing Materials
  • Full Access to a library of tools and resources with Virtual Sales Assistant for Qualifying Agents
  • Turn-Key Agent Website for Qualifying Agents
  • Direct Access to Product Experts
  • Direct Access to Advanced Sales Attorney
  • Direct Underwriter Access
  • Pre-Sale Underwriting Assessments
  • Advanced Underwriting Support
  • Full Back Office Support and Case Management
  • 24/7 Case Status
  • Annuity, LTC, and DI Sales Support
Advanced Sales Concepts

Your Advanced Sales Team stands behind you every step of the way, starting here at the agency level and including access to advanced Sales Attorneys and Product Experts from our carriers. If you are on the Agent Services team, then our Advanced Sales Staff is on your team. Here are some of our focus areas for advanced planning:

  • Employee Benefit-Personal Planning Integration
  • Asset and Income Maximization
  • Buy-Sell Funding / Succession Planning
  • Charitable Giving
  • Defined Benefit Plans
  • Executive Bonus Arrangements
  • Key Person Insurance
  • Retirement Planning
  • Restricted Bonus Arrangements
  • Split-Dollar Planning
  • Wealth Transfer
  • Life Insurance as an Asset Class
  • Premium Finance
  • Private Finance
  • 401(k) Look-alike Plans
Marketing Programs

Special proprietary sales concepts and programs, including:

  1. Integrated Planning Strategies
  2. The Newsletter Approach
  3. Mortgage Acceleration
  4. Life Insurance Policy Review Service
  5. Social Security Benefits Planning
  6. Survivor Income Life Insurance
  7. Legacy Planning Made Easy
Business Building Solutions

Solutions to help you grow your business by increasing efficiency and effectiveness:

  • Business Planning Template
  • Referral Lead Generator
  • Target Market Generator
  • Priority Approaches
  • Annual Review Platform
  • Newsletter Approach
  • Using Client-Friendly Website to Call Your Own: www.agentsgroup.com
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