Partnering for Success


Finding the right product, closing the sale, and submitting the application are all essential steps in our business but nothing is completed until you receive an underwriting approval with an offer that your client will accept. We are passionate about our role facilitating the best possible underwriting experience for you and your client from the paramedical exam or phone interview to the presentation of the formal underwriting offer to your client.

Many clients are healthy with little or no medical history but some are not. For those who are not, the way we present your application to the underwriter can help them make the best possible offer. Cover letters, health profile summaries, trial apps, good communication, and prior relationships with underwriters can all be helpful in obtaining the best possible offer for you and your client. It could be health issues, medical history, hazardous activity, foreign travel or other issues that present challenges for underwriters. Let there be no mistake and let’s not over promise here, there are cases we see that no one can get approved but please know that new business and underwriting is an area we are experienced in and passionate about. If you are not already doing business with us and have not received the underwriting results or the kind of new business service you think you should, I invite you to give us a try by sending us your client’s personal and health profile information using the Pre-Sale Underwriting Assessment form below. You may be glad you did.

New Business and Underwriting Tools

The following underwriting tools are available for all of our brokers and producers:

  • Tele-App Instruction Brochure for Clients
  • What You Need To Know About Your Paramed Exam
  • Paramed Exam Helpful Checklist
  • Carrier Life Underwriting Requirement Guides
  • Underwriting FAQs
  • Pre-Sale Underwriting Assessment Form
  • Informal Submissions / Trial Apps
  • Simplified / Guaranteed Issue Products
  • Table Shaving Programs
  • Agent Services of America, Inc. HIPAA Authorization

Paramed Exams

Unless otherwise notified we will schedule your client's paramed exam upon receipt of their applications with ExamOne.

Pre-Sales Underwriting Assessment

Health conditions, medical history and even family history can be real challenges for underwriting some clients.  If your proposed insured truly is in a state of average health, above average health or exceptional health a Pre-Sale Underwriting Assessment is not needed, but many proposed insureds do have challenges in this area.  A little extra time and effort in advance of the application can pay big dividends for everyone involved.  Here are six (6) simple questions that can limit underwriting surprises for you and your client:

1.       Do you have any diagnosed medical conditions?

2.       What medications are you taking?

3.       Have you ever been declined for rated on

          any other life or other insurance application?

4.       Have you been hospitalized in the past 10 years?

5.       What doctors do you see?

6.       Do you smoke or use tobacco and any other form?


With this information we can check with our primary company or if needed with other carriers to find to best company-product solution and establish the best possible premium expectation before you go to the trouble to write up the application or Tele-App.  Please e-mail this information to jcosta@agentsvs.com

Or call with any questions (877) 739-1172 or (941) 312-2002.


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